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What is extinguishing foam??
Extinguishing foam is a very strong fire extinguishing agent created as a result of the addition of air to a water solution of a foaming additive.

Foaming process diagram

What kind of foam concentrate is contained in minibombero?
Minibombero is a cutting-edge foam developed by VS FOCUM using a foam concentrate called BoldFoam F-40.

Boldfoam F40

Why to use foam instead of extinguisher powder?

Using foam we isolate the fuel from the oxidant (oxygen) stopping the combustion reaction completely. If we use extinguisher powder, the risk is still active because we have not isolated the fuel from the oxidizing element (air) so the fire can reignite easily.

Foam not only stops the chemical reaction but also drains gradually the water it contains reducing the temperature of the elements that were previously burning, thus removing the danger of reignition.

Combustion reaction

How does it work?
  • Oil: the foam saponifies fat forming a very strong lather which is very easy to clean with water.
  • Solids: Minibombero's foam has great moisturizing properties as well as resistance.
  • Hydrocarbons (fuels, kerosene…): Minibombero allows fire extinguishing by direct or indirect attack as AFFF foam concentrates.
  • Polar solvents (acetones, alcohols…): Minibombero's foam is alcohol resistant and can be applied directly over the fire.
Where to use it?

Minibombero is suitable for extinguishing the following types of fire:

  • Cooking oil (frying pan, fryer...): you can apply minibombero safely due to its ability to form soap when in contact with oil. This reaction is called saponification.
  • Cooker extractor hood: a dirty and greasy extractor hood can be highly flammable when in contact with an unexpected flame.
  • Cloths, greasy towels, napkins: the foam will isolate the burning objects preventing the spread of fire and suffocating it.
  • Burning oven: the foam contained in Minibombero can expand up 30 times its original size. It will occupy a volume greater than 8 liters, protecting the surface of the oven and reducing the damage significantly.
  • Curtains: its adherent properties allows the foam to stick to vertical surfaces creating a firebreak and preventing the fire from escalating. Applying Minibombero you will extinguish the fire quickly.
  • Bins, wastepaper baskets, forest slash: the foam will create a barrier reducing the flames and suffocating the fire. Once the fire has been extinguished, the foam will drain the water it contains cooling the embers and avoiding fire reignition.
  • Fondue, alcohols: in case of fuel ignition, Minibombero’s foam will be able to extinguish the fire without degrading the foam itself. This innovative foam is insoluble on alcohols or polar solvents. Upon contact with alcohol, it will form a gelled layer that spreading over the burning surface will extinguish the fire.
  • Barbecues, grills: after finishing your barbecue do not neglect to put out the fire. Apply Minibombero over the charcoal thus, you will extinguish the embers completely avoiding forest fires.
What is an AFFF foam concentrate?
AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foams). The AFFF solution requires relatively low energy to expand into foam and the liquid drained from the foam has the unique ability to form an aqueous film on most hydrocarbon fuel surfaces. This film avoids contact with oxygen and helps preventing the release of fuel vapor. The water content of the foam produces a cooling effect. AFFF foams cannot be used with polar solvents (acetone, alcohols, etc.) because they will dissolve the foam making it ineffective.

Aqueous Film Formation

What is an AR foam concentrate?
AR (Alcohol Resistant): extinguishing agent designed for fighting polar liquid fires. These foams contain particular products that confer them special resistance against the destructive action of polar solvents. This means that they are not destroyed when in contact with this type of fuels that are specially dangerous when heated.
Does Minibombero contain an AFFF or an AR foam concentrate?
Minibombero contains a foam solution that perfoms as an AFFF-AR foam concentrate together with a Class A one.

Minibombero can safely extinguish Class F (cooking oils), Class B (alcohols, hydrocarbons), Class A (solids) fires.

What is saponification?
It is the process or result of making soap by combining a strong alkali with vegetable oil. The oil chemically reacts with the alkali to produce glycerin and soap.


In the case of a cooking oil fire, the soap generated after using Minibombero will make the cleaning task easier.

What is the difference between using direct or indirect attack to extinguish a fire?

Direct attack (offensive mode), consists on aiming the stream of foam to any point of the fire. You will not have to worry about any kind of contamination caused by the foam or that the fire ends up engulfing and destroying it.

Direct attack

Indirect attack (defensive mode), the stream of foam will be aimed at a wall, allowing the droplets of foam to rain down on the fire.

Indirect attack Minibombero can be applied directly to a fire, forming a stable foam. This means that you will not have to plan ahead how to act in a critical situation, thus ensuring that the flames are extinguished quickly and safely.


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