Othar 75

What is it?Basic conceptsApplication and use

OTHAR 75 is a fire extinguishing system very easy to use even for people without prior experience.

Its fast transportation as well as its wide safety distance allow to extinguish fires in its early stages in a safe and efficient way, both in distance as well as height.

Each Othar contains a customized foam solution designed specifically for the requirements and needs of each client.


  • Schütz IBC deposit (1000 liters) with metallic protection.
  • Honda MotorPump GX160 (gasoline powered).
  • 20 meter hose (2 Barcelona Fittings ’25’).
  • 380 mm. diameter winder
  • POK Nozzle with 75 l/min flow.
  • Connecting tubes and stopcock between IBC and MotorPump.
  • Stopcock for nozzle opening/closing.
  • Customized metallic stand.


  • No water supply required.
  • No electric power required.
  • Maintenance and handling really easy.
  • 15 minutes autonomy.
  • Customized firefighting solution.
  • Foam Solution visual level.

Foam concentrate

Customized for any scenario or risk:

  • Class A (wood, solid fires).
  • Class B (hydrocarbon, polar solvent fires).
  • Class D (metal fires).
  • Class F (oil fires).

Othar 75 basic concepts

  • Caudal: liters per minute applied.
  • Application rate: liters per minute/sqm applied.
  • Critical application rate: below this application rate, the fire will not be extinguished, so our application rate will always have to be higher.
  • Application density: number of liters of foaming solution/sqm.
  • Number of liters of foaming solution used in total.

Application and use

  • Take Othar to fire area.
  • Open IBC’s valve.
  • Unroll the hose.
  • Start the pump.
  • Aim at the fire and open the nozzle’s valve.

Tiempo de aplicación
NFPA recommends, for all fire installations, that the fire system applies foam for at least 10 minutes. Combining our 1000 liters portable GRG Deposit along with our 75 liters/minute nozzle, we assure an application time over 13 minutes.