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Minibombero cans

Minibombero is a small 250 ml. aerosol can that contains an extinguishing foam ideal to suffocate fires safely. It is mainly aimed to extinguish oil fires, but due to its excellent moisturizing properties (Draves test) it can also be used efficiently to extinguish solid fires (paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, plastic, etc.), hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, solvents...), polar solvents (acetone, ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, ether, etc.) and electrical fires.

Minibombero is a product in constant development and evolution. It has successfully passed all the required tests and quality controls to comply with the European standards, being a totally reliable product.


Features of minibombero

  • Quick fire suppression: hydrocarbons, alcohols, solids, fuels, etc.
  • High cooling capacity.
  • Avoids reignition.
  • Forms a stable foam, heat resistant.
  • Easy to clean up after use.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Capacity: 250 ml. Weight: 345 gr. Height: 21 cm. Diameter: 5 cm

Benefits of minibombero

  • Non toxic nor irritant.
  • User friendly. No instructions needed.
  • Expands 30 times its size.
  • Small size and easy to store.
  • Anyone can use it.


Minibombero versus other extinguishing methods.

Immediate response
Avoids splashing
Avoids reignition
Lightweight system
Smooth application
Do not require periodical revisions or resealed
Easy to clean
Affordable price

Minibombero bottle


Uses of minibombero

The magic behind Minibombero is its content. BoldFoam F40 has the ability to expand to 30 times its volume. It extinguishes flames by suffocating them, cooling the surface thanks to its high cooling properties. It prevents oil reigniting due to temperature.

Minibombero is a specialist in the four main types of fire: A, B,  F and ELECTRICAL.

There are an infinite number of uses for the product. Thanks to its practical size, it can be put wherever it’s needed in an emergency.

Ideal to use at home, kitchen, office, garage ...

Fire classes


Minibombero strongly recommends that you read carefully all  instructions before using it.

When used in vehicles, do not expose Minibombero to temperatures exceeding 50ºC.


How to use it

How to use it

The ergonomic high-quality aluminium container has BoldFoam F-40 as extinguishing agent and liquefied gas HFO1234ze as propellant, which is normally used on refrigeration duties and it is non flammable nor toxic and it doesn't damage the ozone layer. With a total weight of 345 gr., 21 cm. height, 5 cm. diameter and a handy nozzle, it can be used by anyone no matter age, complexion or previous knowledge on extinguishers, producing in 15-20 seconds about 7-9 liters of light foam of excellent adherence (both in vertical and horizontal surfaces) and great thermal resistance.

BoldFoam F-40 acts upon hot vegetable oil saponifying the grease, that is, converting it into soap which is easily removable with water. Its smooth application prevents splashing during the extinguishing process, thereby avoiding fire spreading.

Why to have it?

According to the research study conducted by the Mapfre Foundation, house fires were the leading cause of fire deaths (70%) in Spain in 2010. Many tragedies could have been avoided if the fires have been extinguished in their early stages. Having minibombero, you can prevent an accident from becoming a disaster. Think of yourself and your beloved ones. Safety is an investment you will not regret. Do not be fooled, and place your security first. Avoid these kind of events.

Get help from Minibombero.It is a specialist at the start of any kind of fire. Its innovative foam eliminates fire quickly and safely.

What advantages has minibombero over other exinguishing methods?

Minibombero is a reliable, secure and robust product that prevents fire spread and reignition. It is neither toxic nor irritant and it does not require periodical revisions or resealing. It is intuitive, user-friendly and its compact size makes it easy to store. Cleaning after applying minibombero is very simple. Forget about complicated instructions at a critical time and get ahead of danger instantly and effectively.

Awards and certifications



Minibombero has been certified by: AFITI-LICOF with 5F efficiency according to UNE-EN 3-7:2004+A1:2008 standard norm. Labaqua Labs as non-irritant.Bureau Veritas according to: EN-1568-1:2009 and EN-1568-4 norms. Minibombero has been also certified by L.C.O.E to use against electrical fires up to 5000 volts. The prestigious German laboratory GWA confirms the biological degradation of the product within 28 days.

AFITI logo Logotipo del Laboratorio Labaqua Logotipo de Bureau VeritasLaboratorio Central Oficial de ElectrotecniaGWA


  • BF40, awarded product at the International Security Exhibition (SICUR) in 2010.
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Minibombero is accredited by four quality systems: the container producers, the filling company as well as the extinguishing foam and the propellant gas. Thus, Minibombero S.L. can extend a 3 year warranty over the product since the filling time.

Normativa europea

The inverted epsilon guarantees that the manufacturer makes its products in compliance with European standards.


VSFOCUM - a Spanish manufacturer of firefighting products with extensive experience manufacturing foams. You will find different Firefighting Groups from all over the world, oil companies, industries from the mining sector, AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) and the Spanish army amongst its clients.

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The Green Dot symbol shows that it belongs to the Ecoembes Integrated Packaging Management System. Since Law 11/97 on Packaging and Packaging Waste came into force, all packaging companies are obliged to collect any packaging waste from products they have on the market and to recycle and revalue them. And, in order to fulfil this requirement, they can join the Packaging Waste Integrated Management System (SIG) directed by Ecoembes.



Here are some feedbacks from our customers.

Due to its effectiveness and easy use, Minibombero is a product everybody should have at home. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly. It doesn't generate any kind of residue or  damages as it happens while using other extinguishing methods such as dust or water.Marino Rodríguez Martínez, Firefighter
The Minibombero has been successfully used to stop a fire at El Llavianu, a famous restaurant located in Gijón. The incident took place in the kitchen of the restaurant and the flames reached a remarkable height very quickly. The owner, Javier González used our product with extraordinary results, extinguishing the fire completely.Javier González, Restaurant owner
Minibombero has been specifically formulated to extinguish fires quickly. Its particular features: thermal stability, high penetration and cooling capabilities, make cleaning up after use very easy. This factor, together with its effectiveness and small size makes Minibombero the perfect product for domestic use over conventional extinguishers.Civil Protection of Artafe
Minibombero extinguished a fire in Trebole Restaurant, in Cimadevilla Town (Gijón). The fire starts in the kitchen of the restaurant and was extinguish so fast by Miinibombero. The owner stands out his efficiency and the speed of product.Marcos Alvarez Sanjurjo, Restaurant Owner
The product’s features make it particularly suitable for people without fire training experience. Due to its lightweight (345 gr.) aerosol can, distance of application (1.5 meters) and capacity to produce 7.5 liters of foam in 15 seconds, it is a very good option to extinguish small fires at its early stages safely and effectively.Firestation blog

Individual advertising

Individual advertising

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It’s not a problem. Minibombero is also available as a house brand - so it can be personalised for your company.

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